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(Episode 193) “State Of The FU*K TRUMP!”

On episode 193 of #TSRP We’re ignoring the State Of The Union speech that the Orange Fuher is supposed to be giving tonight, and we’re doing some got damned podcasting! Jessie Williams finds out just how much more expensive it will be for him to part ways with his now ex wife. A cast member from the short lived reality show “Sorority Sisters” is now suing her sorority after they booted her from the organization. A Michigan based donut shop has invented a new donut that will have you reaching for a bottle of water. And what the fuck is a poop knife? No seriously, what the fuck is a poop knife? Later in the show we’ll be talking about Monique and her call for people to boycott Netflix after a contract dispute with the company. Is Monique tripping, or are folks missing the larger point? All of that and more tonight on The Spann Report!

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