(Ep 6) #BNCPod “WTF You Ask Me?”

Them #BNCPod boys are back with the 6th installment of The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast! Mr. Spann, and Cliff AKA DJ Neff are in studio, and the homie Walt Lockdown couldn’t join us because he was in the middle of moving. However Both Spann and Cliff held it down to discuss the NFL Combine, and whether or not it’s appropriate to ask prospects about their sexual orientation. And Michael Smith has signed off for the final time on Sportscenter, joining his friend and collegue, Jemele Hill at The Undefeated. We’ll get into all of that, a little bit of sneaker talk, and of course, we’ll be winging it tonight. So join your boys for hot take sports talk, chicken, and the brews, right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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(Episode 3) #BNCPod “Who Got Picked Last???”

The fellas are back for episode 3 of #BNCPod and we are getting right back in the thick of the hot takes with the 2018 NBA All-Star game. The way the teams are picked have been tweaked this season, and taken it back to the playground, as the two top vote getters in both conferences were named team captains, and allowed to pick from a group of players that were selected for the All-Star team this year. The old format of East Vs. West has been done away with and this year we have Team LeBron Vs. Team Steph Curry. Who do the guys think has the better squad? Who do they think was the last pick? And is this something that you could see being a permanent fixture going forward for NBA All Star Games? The fellas get into all of that tonight. Additionally, the XFL has been announced to be making a return in the year 2020. And the league’s owner, Vince McMahon has made some pretty provocative proclamations about how the league will be run. Has he already alienated a segment of the fan base before the league ever plays a game? We’ve got all of that and much more tonight on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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(Episode 177) “The Phone Wars”

Back at it again! Mr. Spann returns to the mic after to talk back to school shopping, and an upcoming appearance at the National Podcast Power Conference later on in the week. Spann got his Ancestry DNA test results back! So we’ll talk about the interesting mix that came back, and the surprising elements of the test as well. We’ll also dive into the current NFL Boycott and why Spann is sitting this one out. A Detroit Lions “fan” was made to surrender his season tickets after a social media post about other fans, and their not standing up for the National anthem. The much anticipated iPhone X has finally been revealed, and the phone nerd in Spann will explain to the Apple fans who listen to this show, why Android users talk so much shit when a new iPhone gets released. And later in the show, Jemele Hill has been in the news for tweets she published making her feelings known about Donald Trump. We’ll dissect this phenomenon of black people being called racist, for pointing out racism. We’ve got our AssHat and Champ of the Week and more, tonight on The Spann Report!

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The Spann Report (Episode 79) “Mixed Messages”

Tonight on Episode 79 of #TSRP Spann speaks on The ESPY Awards and the controversy surrounding Caitlyn Jenner’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award win. Kid Rock finally speaks through his publicist about his use of the Confederate flag, and protest in South Carolina reach a boiling point with members of the Ku Klux Klan stage a rally at the Statehouse with counter-protesters affiliated with the New Black Panther Party crashing the event about the flag. We’ll examine the stories around it. We’ll discuss it all this week, here on The Spann Report.

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Richard Sherman GOES IN on Skip Bayliss of ESPN’s First Take

The Seattle Seahawks have punched their ticket to the Super Bowl, by beating the San Francisco 49ers 23-17. But in the post game interview, Richard Sherman has been getting a lot of unflattering attention because of the comments he made during the post game interview with Erin Andrews. Check this out.
Spirited, and enthusiastic after the win, no doubt. But in the aftermath of that interview, Sherman has been called a lot of different names. “Thug”, “Classless”, “Sore Winner” “Ignorant” and a host of other names, all based on a 30 second interview after what was probably the biggest games of his life against someone he surely doesn’t have the best relationship with. What get’s missed in these psychoanalysis attempts by the layperson is that this is a man who came out of Compton, California, to go on to play football at Stanford University, GRADUATED from Stanford University, and went back for his Master’s Degree during his final year of eligibility at the school. Which totally belies the idea that this man is ignorant, or a “Thug” in the traditional senses of the words.

The following video was produced on in March of 2013, and had nothing to do with the events that transpired during the hoopla surrounding Sherman’s post game interview during the NFC Championship game with the 49ers.

I’m not going to even get into the racial undertones of a lot of the criticism coming his way after that interview. (Besides the name calling, and the calls of Erin Andrews possibly being frightened during said interview.) But Sherman did himself no favors when as a guest on the ESPN show First Take, he goes on a Personal Attack Parade against co-host of the show, Skip Bayless. Going so far as to say “In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you.” I’ll reserve my judgment until the next episode of The Spann Report Podcast, but check out this video and make up your own mind. Did Richard Sherman go too far?

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