Kevin Durant

(Episode 187) “Black Child Disappointment”

On episode 187 of #TSRP We hop right into the news as Donald Chump intervenes on behalf of the UCLA basketball players we were caught stealing in China, he then wondered publicly if he would be thanked for his actions. And we’ll ponder publicly why we think that is. 5 women have come forward to accuse comedian Louis CK of sexual misconduct, and he’s attempting to get right out in front of this story. Conservatives are once again destroying their own property. We’ll talk about what foolish reason they have for this round of stupidity. There is a new trans racial person on the scene. This time claiming to be of Filipino descent. Why lawd! WHY?!? Chrisette Michelle is trying to find herself some redemption within the black community with a new song. We’ll play it and see if it gets her invited back to the cookout. Kevin Durant just gave a lengthy interview with Bleacher Report about loyalty in the NBA. Has there EVER been loyalty in the NBA? And finally, we’ll talk about a viral video of a young girl who got a gift from her parents, but she didn’t have the reaction that everyone was expecting. Could she be the latest example of parenting for the internet gone wrong. We’ll discuss all of that and maybe a little bit more tonight on The Spann Report!

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(Episode 118) “It’s Always Business, Never Personal”

Join Mr. Spann for Episode 118 of #TSRP as we talk about this past July 4th, as Spann becomes the Angry Old Man that everybody hates. The NBA Free Agency spending spree has started, and the big prize has found a new location. So why are people so damn upset? Spann hits us with more of his #UnpopularBlackOpinions and makes you question why are you even friends with this dude. And later we talk about the unfortunate shooting deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the officers killed in Dallas TX. We’ve got a “class” of AssHats this week, and a new Champ of The Week as well, this week on The Spann Report!

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