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(Ep. 35) #BNCPod “Gs Up College Down?”

On episode 35 of #BNCPod the fellas are back with more of the sports hot take tom foolery. After catching up with each other from the happenings of the week, we update our Beer N’ Chicken Super Bowl Pick Em brackets, and see if Cliff can be caught after going 4-0 during the first round of picks. We then hop right into it, as Cliff brings us the story of Isaiah Marshall, the 7th grade Quarterback from Southfield Michigan was just offered a scholarship from coach Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan. Is the kid really that good? And how early is too early for college coaches to be offering these young players scholarships? Then Spann takes us into the basketball arena. Scottie Pippen has just stated that he believes that Zion Williamson should shut himself down for the rest of the year, and get prepared for the NBA Draft. Which begs the question, with all 30 NBA teams now having G-League affiliated teams, has it become time for these players to forgo college altogether, and should the G-League finally step up as the farm system the NCAA has been for the NBA up to this point? And finally we stay in the NBA, as Kyrie Irving has admitted in an interview that he called LeBron James to apologize for how he was as a teammate, and that he really didn’t understand what it truly meant to be a leader of a team. Was this Kyrie Irving growing up, or was this a case of him throwing his Celtics teammates under the bus? We’ll discuss all of that, and of course, your boys will Wing It tonight. We don’t really know if Corona’s go well with Chicken Caesar Salads or not, but try that out and let us know while you listen in on episode 35 of The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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(Episode 186) “What’s Wrong With Y’all?”

On Episode 186 of #TSRP Spann talks candidly about seeing his brother for the first time in 12 years after his brother’s release from prison. We introduce a new segment on the show. But for a lot of listeners, it will be VERY familiar. We’ve got a new inductee into the Special Hotep Unit, and he probably should have been in there a long time ago. Steve Harvey is now regretting his meeting with Donald Trump, as viewership of his talk show has plummeted since it’s re-launch. One of the brothers of the Las Vegas Shooter is arrested for suspected possession of child pornography. Scottie and Larsa Pippen have reconciled and called off their divorce. And later we’ll talk a bit more in depth about what the hell is going on with Tyrese, and why people continue to make excuses for what’s going on there. Also, Donna Brazile has come out with a new book detailing her role as interim Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, during the 2016 DNC Presidential Primaries. Her account has led to a lot of bloodletting within the party, as she asserts that the primaries were in fact “rigged” for Hillary Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders. She then subsequently walks that bombshell accusation back. We’ll dissect why this sort of foolishness could result in another 4 years of Trump. All of that and probably a little bit more today on The Spann Report!

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