(Ep 6) #BNCPod “WTF You Ask Me?”

Them #BNCPod boys are back with the 6th installment of The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast! Mr. Spann, and Cliff AKA DJ Neff are in studio, and the homie Walt Lockdown couldn’t join us because he was in the middle of moving. However Both Spann and Cliff held it down to discuss the NFL Combine, and whether or not it’s appropriate to ask prospects about their sexual orientation. And Michael Smith has signed off for the final time on Sportscenter, joining his friend and collegue, Jemele Hill at The Undefeated. We’ll get into all of that, a little bit of sneaker talk, and of course, we’ll be winging it tonight. So join your boys for hot take sports talk, chicken, and the brews, right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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(Episode 160) “Negros At A Conference”

On episode 160 of #TSRP Mr. Spann is joined by Brandon/PhenomBlak, host of the Where’s My 40 Acres? podcast. Listen in as they talk about NegroCon2017, the growth of Where’s My 40 Acres? and some other random shit. And later in the show they talk about the concept of rent to own sneakers. Jet Blue Airlines participating in the race to the bottom of customer service, Chilli, from TLC going “All Lives Matter” and Donald Chump doing what Donald Chump does, fuck shit up. We’ve got that, and our new AssHat & Champ of The Week, this week on The Spann Report!

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